Since 2015, Sandia National Labs and Georgia Tech have been collaborating on research and development projects that benefit our nation’s security and engages the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Partnership Intersection

Complimentary research capabilities & expertise between Sandia and GT that:

  • Ensure the vibrancy of future national security workforce 
  • Amplify researcher impact through rich collaborations
  • Advance the frontiers of science & engineering for societal impact

Sandia National Laboratories

  • For more than 70 years, Sandia has delivered essential science and technology to resolve the nation’s most challenging security issues.
  • Sandia is a U.S. Department of Energy / National Nuclear Security Administration Federally-Funded Research and Development Center with a ~$4B budget to advance the frontiers of science and engineering for societal impact.
  • Sandia employs ~15,000 engineers, scientists, and support staff working in a variety of programs, including Nuclear Deterrence, National Security, Global Security, Energy & Homeland Security, and Advanced Science & Technology.
  • Customers and collaborators include many federal, state, and local agencies, companies, and academic institutions. Partnerships are formed through cooperative agreements licensing, technical assistance, use of unique Sandia facilities, personnel exchanges, and other mutually beneficial arrangements.
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Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Georgia Tech's engineering and computing Colleges are the largest and among the highest-ranked in the nation. The Institute also offers outstanding programs in business, design, liberal arts, and sciences.
  • With more than $1 billion annually in research awards across all six Colleges and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Georgia Tech is among the nation’s most research-intensive universities. It is an engine of economic development for the state of Georgia, the Southeast, and the nation.
  • Georgia Tech’s mission is to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition. Its mission and strategic plan are focused on making a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere.
  • For more than 135 years, the people of Georgia Tech have dared to imagine and then create solutions for a better future. The innovative culture and leadership continue, for Progress and Service for all.

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Why/How do we collaborate?

Sandia and Georgia Tech have had an academic partnership since 2015 to enable a seamless collaboration on research and development projects that benefits the national security mission now and facilitates engagement with the next generation of scientists and engineers. Since 2015, Sandia has invested $25.7 million in research at Georgia Tech and hired over 300 student interns and staff from Georgia Tech. Sandia’s recruiting team works alongside SUPN to attract, hire, and build a strong pipeline of critical and diverse top talent for the laboratory.

FY22 Sandia/GT Collaboration Report

Recruiting Related Questions

Sandia uses a variety of agreement mechanisms to develop new partnerships with industry, state and local government, and universities. Goals of the partner/sponsor, coupled with funding sources for the agreement and Sandia’s strategic business objectives, are used to determine the most appropriate partnering mechanism. These mechanisms are Base Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), and Master Purchase Order Agreements. 

Sandia's Georgia Tech Numbers

Since FY15, Sandia has hired...


Full Time Employees






Critical Skills Recruiting/Critical Skills Part-Time/CSR

Data as of August 2022

Student/Postdoc/Fellowship Opportunities

Sandia offers several types of internships for undergraduate and graduate students in a number of different Technical Institute Programs.

Investigate & apply to open Summer, Year-Round, & Co-Op internship positions at Sandia

Sandia’s postdoctoral program provides opportunities to work with top scientists and engineers using state-of-the-art instruments and tools. Postdoctoral appointees conduct leading-edge research, publish, and present their findings, collaborate with others in academia and industry, and contribute to the advancement of technology in a wide 
variety of scientific fields. 

Investigate & apply to open Postdoc positions at Sandia

Sandia offers various fellowship opportunities to exceptional individuals in support of our national security mission. We offer opportunities for fully funded graduate degrees as well as self-directed research.

Investigate & apply for distinguished fellowship opportunities at Sandia

Faculty Opportunities

Given Sandia’s research and development mission, Sandia values enduring faculty research collaborations. These relationships among Sandia, researchers, and academics lead to long-term success on all sides.

Put simply, university researchers and distinguished academics can contribute at the national level by collaborating with Sandia. Academic faculty can connect to specific projects, engage in sabbatical or summer faculty research, hold a Sandia joint appointment, 
or serve on Sandia advisory boards.

Learn more about different faculty opportunities at Sandia

Investigate and apply to open summer appointments at Sandia

Select “Access Existing Account/Create New Account,” then “View All Jobs.” Search for the word “faculty” and follow application instructions. 

Funding Opportunities

Laboratory Directed Research & Development (LDRD)

Sandia Interactive Magazine CoverThe LDRD program is Sandia’s internal research and development (IRAD) program that offers Sandia’s scientists and engineers the opportunity to identify and pursue innovative solutions to our most challenging national security problems. Contact the Academic Partnerships team for more information.

The LDRD program invests in high-risk, potentially high-payoff activities that enable national security missions and advance the frontiers of science and engineering. As Sandia’s sole source of discretionary R&D funding, the LDRD program provides the flexibility to anticipate and respond quickly to future mission needs and to explore potentially revolutionary advances in science and technology. 

Learn More About LDRD

In FY21, Sandia funded 31 LDRD projects with Georgia Tech for a total of $3.1 million. This includes some strategic investments to create research collaborations and engage students. These investments comprised of 16 projects and 16 students.

Cost Share On LDRD Projects
Georgia Tech provides matching funds for sponsored research projects funded by the Sandia LDRD program. This support is only for Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs), up to the level of one GRA per year (stipend, tuition, fringe).

When requesting the cost share in GT-TRACS, please attach a cost share form and indicate that the package is for LDRD matching funds. Note that this cost share is only on LDRD projects, not on other Sandia-sponsored research. The request should be routed to the Executive Vice President for Research.

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