The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) takes on the biggest applied research problems and turns them into practical solutions for government and industry. More than 3,000 employees across eight laboratories in over 20 U.S. locations support innovation in:

  • Analysis, modeling and simulation, systems engineering, and technology development
  • Cybersecurity, information, communication, command and control, and software systems
  • Electromagnetics, materials, and device technology
  • Sensors, weapons, electronic warfare, and autonomous systems
  • Test and evaluation
  • Threat systems research and development
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GTRI’s renowned researchers often work with Georgia Tech academic partners to transform ideas into advanced technology solutions and large-scale system prototypes for their customers. It’s a collaborative effort that combines science, engineering, economics, policy, and technical expertise. Every year, GTRI carries out more than $800 million of research to advance technology and provide innovative solutions to serve national security, enhance the State of Georgia’s economic development, improve the human condition, and educate future technology leaders.

As the applied research division of Georgia Tech, GTRI is an objective partner in delivering workable solutions and manufacturable products. Their highly specialized laboratories and interdisciplinary research centers provide world-class talent, experience, and creativity that shines through in every project. GTRI research laboratories include:

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