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Eric Vogel posing outside of a building on the Georgia Tech campus.

Welcome from the Director of IMat

Materials discovery is the foundation of many new technologies and is vital to economic growth as well as to the development of solutions to 21st century challenges in energy, mobility, infrastructure, computing, communications, security, and health. Founded in 2012 as one of Georgia Tech’s 10 interdisciplinary research institutes, the Institute for Materials at Georgia Tech seeks to enable and support Georgia Tech’s internationally recognized materials research and innovation ecosystem; establishing and supporting large-scale industry and government partnerships, developing opportunities for Georgia Tech researchers to catalyze new ideas, and establishing Georgia Tech as an internationally recognized hub for core materials research facilities, infrastructure and knowledge.

As one of the top ranked engineering universities in the U.S., Georgia Tech offers a unique environment for large-scale research enterprises. IMat brings together faculty from across colleges and schools, as well as the Georgia Tech Research Institute, to create a broad materials research program with strengths in areas ranging from fundamental materials physics, chemistry and biology, to simulation, synthesis, processing and characterization, to properties that impact structural, chemical, biomedical, electronic, optical, magnetic, thermal, and energy applications. IMat leverages this expertise to enable partnerships with industry, government and non-profits to create positive economic and societal impact.

IMat also offers access to a suite of microscopy and analysis tools and technical support unparalleled in the Southeast via the GT Materials Characterization Facility and the Mechanical Properties Characterization Facility. These facilities are open to Georgia Tech researchers, as well as external customers in academia, government, and industry.

We invite you to explore how Georgia Tech is accelerating the pace of research, discovery, deployment and application of advanced materials systems that are essential to future economic growth and challenges of global significance.

Eric Vogel,
Executive Director

IMat Science Advisor Martin Mourigal

IMat Science Advisor



Martin Mourigal is Associate Professor in the School of Physics. Mourigal's laboratory focuses on the magnetic properties of quantum materials. His research primarily relies on neutron spectroscopy to probe the exotic states of matter such as spin-liquids, frustrated magnets, and spin-multipolar phases. In addition to his own lab research, Dr. Mourigal is the Co-Director of the Georgia Tech Quantum Alliance, a university wide program on quantum sciences and engineering

Our Vision

IMat enables diverse and interdisciplinary GT teams to perform transformative and impactful materials research: from physics to applications via a focus on the following priorities:

  • Collaboratively establish, refine and communicate IMat’s technical strategy, goals and activities.
  • Establish and support large-scale partnerships and research centers with industry and government.
  • Catalyze and support communities of GT researchers to take risks in developing early-stage ideas that will build large transformative teams.
  • Establish GT as an internationally recognized hub for core materials research facilities, infrastructure, and knowledge.