At IPaT, the transformation of everyday life is well underway. Here, interdisciplinary teams of researchers, scientists, interaction designers, and engineers are collaborating with experts from every field of study to develop technologies that empower people from all walks of life. 

IPaT has identified four core areas of research focus: 
* Global Health Equity and Well-Being
* Responsible and Ethical Technologies
* Arts, Expression, and Creative Technologies 
* Just, Resilient, and Informed Communities

The convergence of people and technology is revolutionizing these industry sectors, and IPaT brings together the right people and processes at the right time to transform blue-sky ideas into real-world solutions.

Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Global Health Equity and Wellbeing

From pediatrics to aging, we are protecting health both locally and worldwide. IPaT's continuum of healthcare research is working to promote and enable vibrant and lifelong physical and mental health. Accomplished scholars and clinicians work together to transform healthcare delivery systems by creating novel and easily accessible health and wellness technologies. IPaT has led breakthroughs in health information technology, approaches for increasing patient engagement and treatment adherence, clinical process improvements, and new healthcare delivery knowledge.

Arts, Expression, and Creative Technologies

Arts, Expression, and Creative Technologies

Using advanced technology to enhance creative processes, artistic expression, and innovation. Through our research, IPaT is merging physical and digital worlds with innovative creative ideas. The creative uses of technology are endless. We seek to identify, nuture, and grow creative and artistic ideas which may unlock new processes, inspire practical solutions with outside the box thinking, or simply lead to new forms of art expression.

Shaping the Human-Technology Frontier

Responsible and Ethical Technologies

Evaluating potential consequences to mitigate negative effects. IPaT is shaping the human-technology frontier by growing human capabilities at every level. We're exploring new ideas in user experiences that foster creativity, stimulate learning and enable productive collaboration. Through this initiative, we're researching a variety of wearable computing, assistive, augmented reality, and gaming technologies. In addition, to insuring the alignment of these and other future technologies with responsibile and ethical practices.

Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation

Just, Resilient, and Informed Communities

Discovering strategies that benefit and inform communities from all walks of life. IPaT’s work in this area focuses on the daily lives of communities – how they live, work, and play. We are finding innovative approaches to shaping sustainable cities with research that thinks globally while acting locally. We're examining the transformative role of technology in transportation, civic engagement, and disaster recovery focusing on novel communication and information technologies to aid communities.