Matthew Realff

Matthew Realff

David Wang Sr. Fellow
Associate Director, RBI
SEI Lead: Circular Carbon Economy; RBI Lead: Next Generation Refinery

Dr. Realff’s broad research interests are in the areas of process design, simulation, and scheduling. His current research is focused on the design and operation of processes that minimize waste production by recovery of useful products from waste streams, and the design of processes based on biomass inputs. In particular, he is interested in carbon capture processes both from flue gas and dilute capture from air as well as the analysis and design of processes that use biomass.

(404) 894-1834

Departmental Bio

  • 2023 Initiative Lead Profile

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

    College of Engineering
    School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Biobased Materials
  • Biochemicals
  • Biorefining
  • Biotechnology
  • Fuels & Chemical Processing
  • Pulp Paper Packaging & Tissue
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Use & Conservation
  • Additional Research:

    Biofuels; Carbon Capture; Separations Technology; System Design & Optimization; SMART Manufacturing; Energy & Water; Separation Technologies; Biochemicals; Chemical Feedstocks; Sugars; Lignin & Hemicellulose; Biofuels

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