Jenny McGuire

Jenny McGuire

Associate Professor

Jenny became an Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech in August 2017. She uses both modern and paleontological specimens to identify how populations, species, and communities have responded to past climate change. Her goal is to identify strategies to conserve as much biodiversity as possible given rapidly shifting climates. She received her PhD from the Dept. of Integrative Biology at UC-Berkeley, and did postdoctoral research at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and at the University of Washington.

Departmental Bio

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  • Georgia Institute of Technology

    College of Sciences
    Georgia Tech School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Research Focus Areas:
  • Climate & Environment
  • Additional Research:
    • Spatial ecology
    • Biogeography
    • Paleoecology
    • Climate change
    • Ecological modeling
    • Conservation biology

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