Giri Krishnan

Associate Director, Center for Artificial Intelligence in Science and Engineering (ARTISAN)
Principal Research Scientist

Dr Krishnan is research professor in the Georgia Tech’s Interdisciplinary Research Institute, Institute for Data Engineering and Science, School of Computational Science and Engineering, College of Computing. He is an associate director of the Center for AI in Science and Engineering. His current interest is in developing AI methods for computational science problems across many domains. He is a computational neuroscientist by training, with past work spanning across a wide range of computational modeling and AI methods. His group's current focus is on generative methods for computational workflow, neural approaches for accelerating compute intensive problems and applying interpretable methods to scientific AI for advancing scientific understanding.

Prior to joining Georgia Tech, he was research scientist at UC San Diego and his research involved developing large-scale modeling of the brain to study sleep, memory and learning. In addition, he has contributed towards neuro-inspired AI and neuro-symbolic approaches. He is broadly interested in the emergence of intelligent behavior from neural computations in the brain and AI systems. 

Dr Krishnan has more than 50 publications and his research has been supported by multiple grants from NIH and NSF. He is passionate about open-science and reproducible science and strongly believes that progress in science requires reproducibility.


Office Location:
CODA Building

Google Scholar

Georgia Institute of Technology

College of Computing
School of Computational Science and Engineering
Research Focus Areas:
  • AI
  • Geosystems
  • Neuroscience
  • Additional Research:
    • AI : Deep learning, Neuro-symbolic Approaches
    • Geosciences.
    • Molecular Dynamics
    • Neuroscience : Theoretical and computational modeling

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